When N means noxious - Article in Down To Earth

When N means noxious - Artcile in Down To Earth

The release of The Indian Nitrogen Assessment was first announced at the Joint VJC Meeting

The announcement of The Indian Nitrogen Assessment - Himanshu Pathak, Mark Sutton and Tapan Adhya

In mid December, the cover story of the book hit the stands in the most popular Indian science and environment magazine, Down To Earth. The outstanding impact of Down to Earth is exceptional: all major court decisions and environmental polices in India in the last three decades were made largely due to the influence of the magazine. As such, the editors of the book (Yash P. Abrol, Tapan K. Adhya, Viney P. Aneja, Nandula Raghuram, Himanshu Pathak, Umesh Kulshrestha, Chhemendra Sharma and Bijay Singh) hope that this magazine article will greatly help to reach out policy makers and lay readers.

The online version of the magazine article is available at:



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