The Progressive farmers of Mumtazpur

A meeting with Progressive farmers of Mumtazpur, Lokra village, Haryana – a report from Dr. Dali Nayak.


Fellowship experience - Altaf Ahmad

Assessing root phenotyping and enjoying the diverse and dramatic landscape of Scotland. Altaf Ahmad's report on his two month NEWS fellowship.


Fellowship experience - Niveta Jain

Fellowship on the development of a new Indian NH3 emission inventory, and training on the quantum cascade laser method: report of a one month fellowship by Niveta Jain.


Fellowship experience - Arti Bhatia

Arti Bhatia reports on her one month training on atmospheric ammonia flux measurement and her eventful experience in Scotland.


Fellowship experience - Ram Kumar

Three months research in Aberdeen, travelling around Scotland and to London, conferences and many new friendships. Ram Kumar reports on his fellowship experience at the University of Aberdeen.


Fellowship experience - Dinesh Kumar

A one month fellowship in Aberdeen with a visit to Edinburgh. Dinesh Kumar reports on his NEWS India-UK fellowship experience.


Fellowship experience - Ambreen Asif

Three months at the University of Aberdeen with a junior fellowship on "Genetic mapping in rice". Ambreen Asif's report on her fellowship experience.


Fellowship experience - Girish Kumar Jha

One month in Sctoland's castle county - fellowship report by Girish Kumar Jha.


Fellowship experience - Renu Singh

Two months in the UK: training on the ALPHA samplers and the SIP method to measure the gaseous N loss from crops. Report from Renu Singh on her fellowship experience.



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